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An Arts & Crafts home had an awkward room layout.  The Architects changed the kitchen, family room and powder room to flow together into the new back yard that had a massive Redwood and a sprawling Live Oak.  Furniture was designed and built in to support the existing architecture.  The owners commissioned a stained glass installation over the sink to mimic the back yard's lush greenery.

Homeowners wanted a kitchen that connects to living space. In the back half of the house, the load bearing walls and the rear structural wall were removed. A series of Laminated Veneer Lumber beams were inserted into the floor framing, flush to the ceiling. The result is one interconnected kitchen, family and sun-room without doorways or dropped headers. The new bathroom is elegant and spacious. And the family got their extra bedroom.

After removing an old back yard garage, Jarvis Architects designed this custom cottage to blend in with the main home.

In the sleeping alcove, we built a custom bed headboard. A heat pump supplies heating or cooling and a simple kitchen and bathroom makes it comfortable. It’s versatile building, a student rental, to house younger or older family members, as well as a place to live while renting the much larger house for aging in place are all great options.



The owners wanted a space for their elderly mother who lives on the East Coast. 

Demand for U C Berkeley student housing is also very high in this neighborhood.

And as a practical bonus, the owners plan to move in temporarily during phase 2 on the main house which is enlarging the master bedroom this summer.

See the Jarvis Architects charcoal rendering of the rear facade of the house which shows the custom master bedroom addition.



01 / 30 / 2019

Interviewed on KCBS Radio
Red Tape Stands in Way of Constructing In-Law Units"
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09 / 24 / 2017

Featured in Rockridge Kitchen Tour


01  /  01  /  2017

Truitt and White 
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Red Tap Stands i Wa of Constructon In-Law Units
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